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Corn AllergensOften, children feel left out because they can't use the same art products other kids can. It's bad enough the same foods can't be eaten, but all kids should be able to make art! Home-Made Play, compiled by Catherine Fournier, has recipes for Sidewalk Chalk, Finger Paints, Play-Dough, Bubble Soap and other Goodies. Note that the recipes are NOT corn-safe and you must modify them, but they all appear to be substitutable. There's also some Miscellaneous Art Recipes from the CanTeach website, including one for Eggshell Sidewalk Chalk.

Since I don't have young children with this allergy, I have never tried these recipes. Please post your success and suggestions about these recipes, and other you might have, in the Forum.

Here's a tip for anyone that might have to take a diabetes test with the sweet syrupy orange soda. Ask your doctor about trying maple syrup as a substitute. Maple syrup has 50g of sucrose (and a little fructose) per 1/4 cup. Thanks to Lisa for this tip!

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