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Corn AllergensI am a web developer, both freelance at White Wave Designs, and full time at Endicott College. I got involved in web design when my then-12 year old wanted to make web page! I have a degree in Computer Science, and specialize in web programming and databases. All in all, I consider myself very lucky to be able to do what I love all day and all evening. I am also a candidate for a Master's in Education, Organizational Management, at Endicott College. I will graduate in May, 2008.

In addition to designing and building, I love to read. I prefer non-fiction over fiction, but I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter! My reading ranges from physics to current events to true crime. I also like to watch movies, but I have such eclectic tastes that it's hard to find someone to watch movies with me (I hate to watch a movie alone).

Music is my passion and favorite hobby, as well as something I study seriously. I play flute, various clarinets and all the saxaphones. Hopefully, I will be learning the double-reed instruments soon. I enjoy playing in the pit of musicals, jazz bands, concert bands, and chamber music. I also love to play symphonic music, and I'm waiting for my placement on the short-list at the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Corn AllergensOn a more personal note, I am married to a really great guy, have 2 incredible daughters, and three really great cats. My beloved kitty Jack (right) died in April, 2006, and my poopsie Timone (an Italian Greyhound) a month later in May! Quite the trauma. You can read lots more about my family and myself at The Connors Website.