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Managing a Corn Allergy With Restraint

Corn AllergensRestraint, to keep myself from eating unsafe foods is, of course, my life goal! After all, I absolutely loathe trips to the emergency room and the endless needles, not to mention the sheer danger of a reaction. It is not at all like merely cheating on a diet. One can lie about sneaking a candy bar if the worst thing that is going to happen is an extra half-ounce on the hips. There is no getting away with cheating in my life! I do not even try, although, I must admit, it is a fantasy and quite often the plot of dreams.

The key to restraint, I have found, is being proactive. For example, I sat down recently and wrote up a list of all the foods that I can eat as a main course, which I refer to when I need to eat something different from the rest of the family. I stockpile my special foods and snacks so that there is always something in the house that I can eat. Once I find a food or name brand product that is safe, I will buy nothing else. This makes shopping—and shopping for me—a lot easier. Since I have time on the weekends, I cook huge dinners of safe meals, and freeze individual servings that I can eat later. When we go to eat at someone else’s house, I bring all my own food, condiments, and desserts.

Corn AllergensI always keep a stash of food at the office, in case I forget my lunch or unexpectedly have to work late. Also, if I am going out for more than just a couple of hours, I bring food (usually crackers) and water with me in case I am out much longer than anticipated. It's not like I can run into a convenience store and grab a snack and a soda!

Planning ahead takes a lot of time and energy, and buying special foods can be expensive. However, the pros of having a wide selection of food to choose from helps ease the cons of having a food allergy. The money saved from not eating out more than makes up for the more expensive safe foods. And bringing my own food to other people’s houses actually reduces stress because I'm not worrying about whether I’m going to get sick or not.