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Managing a Corn Allergy by Adapting

Corn Allergens Adapting to a corn allergy might be the more important key to managing the allergy. There are many psychological aspects of having a food allergy, especially to a food that is not widely recognized as an allergen and that is in nearly every food item and beverage we eat in America. The harsh truth is that people tend to think we exaggerate the allergy reactions, or, worse, that we might be doing this for attention. Counter this by maintaining your spirit, keeping a sense of humor, and by remembering that this is not unique to a corn allergy. My youngest daughter was ill with an immune deficiency for years, and to our surprise, we discovered that we weren't really believed by others until they have witnessed her being sick. This includes mature and intelligent adults who would have had no reason to doubt us!

The food allergy will definitely alter your social life. My husband and I now almost never go out with other people other than our kids. I have had to sit in a restaurant with nothing but a glass of water in front of me while others eat, and I find few social settings inferior to that. What we do instead is try to entertain at our house. This way, I am in complete control of the menu, and, if I’m clever, no one need know that they are eating any differently.

Traveling is also a logistical nightmare, but with careful planning, trips can be taken. For example, bring as much food as you can and shop at grocery stores instead of eating at restaurants. This will save you tons of money as well. My husband loves to eat out, so we make sure we go to at least one restaurant per long trip. The important thing is to compromise. See the Social Survival Guide for more hints.

Corn AllergensIf you're a busy, busy person who relies a lot on fast food, prepared food and restaurants, be prepared to change your lifestyle! Dealing with this allergy is a health issue, and must be addressed as one. People who have health issues MUST spend the necessary time taking care of themselves. Think of the time that you will need to spend preparing foods, cooking and baking as "the necessary time," and things will stay in perspective.

Once you get your food issues under control, you will start to feel so much better. Truly nothing is as important as one's health! We corn allergy sufferers may be expected to sacrifice a lot for our health, but there are millions of other people with other problems, like environmental allergies, diabetes, arthritis, mental health troubles, immune deficiencies…all kinds of disruptive issues that also interfere with their day-to-day lives.

Grant me power to change the things I can, the strength to accept the things I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference.