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Corn Free Meals and Snacks

Corn AllergensPLEASE NOTE: I have removed the word "safe" from this page when mentioning foods to eat! All of the foods here can be safe (as well as unsafe), so please be sure to locate the safe products!! Avoid ingredients like starch, natural flavor, and honey, to name a few mentioned on the corn allergen list.

A way to get ideas is to pick a meat such as chicken and research recipes online. From there you'd only have to make the appropriate substitutions. I also find that older cookbooks (at least 30 years old) often have wonderful down-to-earth recipes using normal ingredients. You can often find these at tag sales, or maybe an older relative will part with one or two. I have even seen the Vintage Better Homes and Gardens notebook-style cookbook on eBay. I have that one, and it's fabulous!

Something we also do frequently is have certain days of the week mean something with the meal. For example, Wednesday night is usually our breakfast night, Friday our pasta night, and Sunday our big dinner night.

Corn AllergensFor snack recipes, simply explore baking! You will need to be sure you have already made your homemade vanilla (a 750ml bottle of potato vodka and 2 vanilla beans; let sit for one month). Use regular recipes and modify them with ingredients (ie, either baking powder or use the substitute; organic ingredients such as butter and sour cream; homemade confectionery sugar).

Brainstorm with the family and write up a list of your or your child’s favorite foods that CAN be eaten for each meal and for snacks. Writing up these lists will be time consuming, so make sure you have a few hours set aside, and have fun while doing this! After you write up your own list, go to the store and find specific items that are on it (ie, crackers) and write down the name brand so everyone who might do the shopping knows. For example, I can only eat Stop and Shop saltines, so I don't say "I can have saltines" but "I can have Stop and Shop saltines." Remember, however, to continually check the labels of foods because the manufacturer can change the ingredients at any time!